Former Casualty star Sunetra Sarker has been shimmying on Strictly Come Dancing and she told What’s on TV her ex-colleague Patrick Robinson has been dispensing advice to her.

Last year Sunetra’s Casualty colleague Patrick competed in the dance competition. So this year he’s on hand to advise Sunetra on how to juggle the balance between working on the demanding medical drama in Cardiff and practising her Strictly routine, before performing at Elstree studios, outside London.

Sunetra told What’s on TV: “Patrick has been giving me tips. We spent an hour on the phone the other day and he advised me on how to get my schedule sorted.

“He told me what I need to do – whether to train it, drive it, when to practice, when not to practice! He said not to bother trying to practise [the Strictly dances] in between [Casualty] scenes, because your headspace needs to stay focused. He’s been really helpful!”

Sunetra is best known as straight-talking Casualty consultant Zoe Hanna. But even though Zoe is no stranger to skyscraper heels, Sunetra initially had concerns over her Strictly dancing shoes: “In Casualty I only wear the heels for takes. I have a have a pair of wedges that I stick on when we’re rehearsing. This is a completely different ball (room!) game.”