Casualty‘s Tristan Gemmill reveals why doctor Adam’s behaviour is out of control…

Doctor Adam Trueman is behaving very strangely at the moment; why is that?
“What we’ve tried to show is that long periods of time working in A&E will take their toll. Also, Adam’s been through an awful lot. He doesn’t trust anybody so in order to survive he’s taking care of number one. He’s taking decisions that aren’t his to make. He’s playing God and it gets him into very dangerous waters.”

In this week’s episode he crosses the line; what happens?
“William Ash (Waterloo Road’s Chris Meade) plays Harry, an injured man whose stepdaughter says he’s abused her. Adam suspects she’s telling the truth and deliberately slows down the treatment on Harry’s injured leg and neglects Harry with dire consequences. It’s at this point Adam starts to think, ‘what the hell am I doing?'”

Is there a sense that the consequences of his actions are going to catch up with him?
“Adam’s rolling the dice for everyone. He’s being crazily irresponsible as a doctor. He thinks he’s getting away with it, but as the storyline draws to a conclusion the consequences of Adam’s actions catch up with him!”

You’ve been in Casualty four years now, how much has Adam changed in that time?
“Adam’s not been the luckiest character! He lost his brother, his parents, his son, and his wife Jessica can’t stand the sight of him – so he’s pretty much been through the mill! He used to be more naive, but he hasn’t lost his very dark sense of humour.”

Which have been your favourite storylines over the years?
“The one with Jessica and losing baby Harry. It’s nice when you challenge yourself as an actor. It wasn’t a case of having a tragic incident happen and then two weeks later the character being the same as before. He didn’t recover straight away and afterwards was a different human being, which is true to life.”

Do people ever confuse you with a real doctor?
“Sometimes people stop me in the street and ask me what they should do about a medical complaint they’re having – I always tell them to phone their GP! If an emergency happened or someone collapsed, would I step in? Of course not, I’m not medically trained, I’m just an actor! I’d phone 999 like anybody else!”