Tristan Gemmill gives us the lowdown on Casualty’s dramatic double episode on Saturday

It’s Adam and Jessica’s big day this week and it goes anything but smoothly! Apparently it starts badly for Adam right after his stag night…

“You find Adam, at the beginning of the double episode, fast asleep in the on-call room, clearly having had a night of it at the hands of the gang. The alarm goes off, he wakes up, he’s late – it’s a bit like Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral – and he rushes out not quite realising he’s still dressed in a Superman outfit and is attached to an inflatable sheep! So Adam runs to the ED not looking his normal self.”

Then he has to somehow get out to the country house where Jessica is waiting for the wedding ceremony!

“He has a shower and cleans himself up and it is all going well, but just as he’s about to leave the ED an emergency comes in. That puts him behind schedule and he doesn’t get to the church on time!”

He finally gets to the wedding venue with the help of a police escort. How does Jessica react?

“Jessica’s not brilliantly pleased when he’s late but they start the ceremony and they’re about half way through when everyone’s pagers go off – there’s been another major accident back at Holby and Adam has to go back. So it’s not the perfect wedding by any means!”

So are Jessica and Adam officially married by the time they have to break the wedding off?

“After the latest emergency has passed, they all head off to the hospital chaplain, still dressed in their scrubs, and chaplain Trevor (Don Warrington) conducts a ring exchanging ceremony. They’re still not officially married as the registrar hasn’t finished her work but it’s enough just to complete the ceremony.”

But the drama isn’t over yet, is it!

“No! Then they all drive back out to the reception at the country house and on the way out Adam and Jessica and Harry, and Jessica’s other two kids Lucas and Amelia, are happily singing songs, but the roads are icy. There’s a woman coming in the opposite direction who has her own issues with a sick child and she strays too far into the middle of the road. Adam has to swerve to avoid her and they crash through some bushes and trees into a frozen lake. And the first ep finishes with the car coming to rest on the ice, which starts to crack beneath them.”

So the first episode ends with a cliffhanger. Are we looking at a potentially fatal situation?

“It could be very, very dicey. There’s an awful lot of stuff to come, so I don’t want to give too much away. The second episode starts with the injured being taken back to Holby City, where Jessica falls into a coma – and other things happen too. Jordan has to step in to help try and revive Jessica.”