Zoe and Jordan’s relationship is laid bare!

Sunetra Sarker, who plays Zoe in Casualty, reveals why the fans are finally getting their wish and will be seeing Jordan and Zoe together…

How is Zoe coping now that her foster-daughter, Sharice, is living with her biological grandparents?

“Zoe has finally accepted that she’s lost Sharice and is now ready to move on and throw herself back into work. She wants to get back to being a brilliant, career-focused doctor again.”

Easier said than done?

“Yes! She’s beginning to realise she’s really fallen out of the loop with Adam, Jordan and with what’s going on at the hospital. The two stags have been locking horns while she got momentarily sidetracked. She senses she needs to step up her game again and get noticed by Jordan as a doctor.”

Is flirting part of that strategy?

“She thinks initially she has to be one of the boys and that’s why she asks him out for a drink. Jordan turns her down, but she’s managed to plant a seed in his head. In [the last] episode he takes the next step and suggests he wouldn’t mind going for that drink after all. She picks up on this and they get quite flirtatious.”

Is it purely a chemical attraction?

“They’re quite a good professional team. I think they work well together and the respect they have for each other as doctors helps to warm up their personal relationship. They’re playing a bat and ball session for the whole of the episode. There’s something in the air, it’s a mixture of medical respect and slight flirtation.”

Can you reveal what happens between them?

“Well… he asks her out for drink, but she decides to bring the drinks to his office. At the very end of the episode you may get to see a kiss!”

This thing between them seems to have come out of leftfield, what do you think sparked it off?

“They’ve both been single for a very long time through their own choices and neither of them feel any pressure or expectations, which is a good combination for something to happen. I think this is the grown-up version of a flirtation. It’s a bit more factual with these two; there isn’t much softness or gooeyness to them. They are more like steel on steel!”

How do you think the fans will react to this development?

“There’s a feeling that the fans have wanted to see this happen for a while and they’ve apparently been chatting about it on the show’s website. Neither Michael [French] nor I ever expected this to happen, but clearly the writers and fans saw something that triggered it.”

Where do you think this story will go?

“It’s hard to say. Zoe has no idea Jordan’s ill, so there’s a lot to come with it yet…”

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