Casualty actress Sunetra Sarker reveals why Zoe abandoned her colleagues during a crisis in the opening episodes of the new series…

What’s going on with Zoe?
“She’s been feeling terrible for not helping Jordan when he needed her and is living with the consequences of that since he left mysteriously at the end of the last series.”

How does she deal with her guilt?
“She regrets some of her decisions and wants to make good by tracking him down. But this is a hard task as he’s in a hotel and no one knows where he is.”

Why the sudden change of heart, did something happen to make her spring into action?
“Adam tells her there a chance an operation could help Jordan. At first she feels betrayed for being kept out of the loop. But then she realises, although it’s dangerous surgery there’s a chance she can still do something to help him.”

How does she plan to find him?
“There’s a chaotic feeling to Zoe because she doesn’t know what she’s doing! She’s the kind of person who always wants to be in control, so much so when she loses it she doesn’t know what to do. While she’s going through the process of trying to find Jordan she also goes in search of the best surgeon she can – Walter McFay. She’ll do anything to get him to agree to operate, even using her female wiles!”

But Jordan has been adamant he doesn’t want surgery…
“This is Zoe’s journey. She’s torn between trying to find someone who may not want to be helped and trying to help people at the hospital who genuinely need to be saved. She’s trying to rectify the mistakes she made in the past. It was really enjoyable to be given such an isolated storyline.”

How is she managing to balance this secret with work life?
“She’s multi-tasking on a level we don’t usually see someone working at – saving lives on a normal shift and then trying to use her spare time to find Jordan.”

So she lies about her mother being ill to cover her tracks?
“She hates not being able to tell her colleagues what’s going on.”

That must be a lonely situation for her?
“Zoe has no friends and is doing this all on her own. She’s completely isolated. Behind the bubbly friendly image she’s quite a lonely and cool character. She doesn’t go out of her way to make friends. She’s isolated in her mission to find Jordan and he’s similarly without any help or support – except he’s gone off to die.”

So where did she go when she was called out of the hospital?
“Someone she doesn’t know calls her from an ambulance and says that Jordan has collapsed. That’s when she has to make a choice… She chooses Jordan over every single colleague in the hospital when she walks out of a very serious work situation.”

How does he react when he sees her?
“In that scene he wakes up and says ‘I’m glad it’s you.’ They both show another side to themselves and demonstrate true emotion. Yet when she goes back to work the mask goes right back up again. She’d never dream about telling anyone she cried in the bath alone about Nick Jordan.”

What happens now?
“Now that she’s finally found Jordan, there’s a bit of a twist involved which means it may be too late to save him. Zoe rushes blindly into a situation where no man’s gone before and doesn’t consider the backlash or possible consequences of her actions…”

*To find out what Zoe does after she tracks Jordan down, tune into Casualty at 9.15pm, BBC1, 26 September*