David returns to Casualty… but is it too much too soon?

Will Casualty's David hand in his resignation before the shift has ended?

After a traumatic breakdown bipolar sufferer David Hide bravely returns to work at Casualty this week. Unfortunately, not everyone is glad to see him…

Hospital porter Max is furious at David’s return, as his breakdown nearly resulted in the death of Max’s stepsister, Robyn, and her baby, Charlotte. Will there be a showdown when anxious new mum Robyn (Amanda Henderson) visits the ED with Charlotte?

Meanwhile, David (Jason Durr) has a resignation letter burning a hole in his pocket. Believing he’s not welcome and unsure if he’s capable of returning to work, throughout his first shift back the timid medic considers his options.

But when homeless alcoholic Mollie Drover (Scott & Bailey star Tracie Bennett) arrives in the hospital in dire need of surgery, David may be the only person who can convince her to have emergency life-saving surgery…

Can David save Mollie? And will he resign before the day is over?