Death in the ED!

Battle lines are drawn between Sam and Cal in Casualty when someone tragically dies...

The fight is on between junior doctor Cal Knight and Medical Director Sam Strachan in this week’s Casualty. And neither is afraid to resort to dirty tricks to come out on top…

Things kick off as Sam’s severe cost-cutting measures come into effect. With consultants being sent home and locum cover frozen the junior doctors worry how they’ll bear the responsibility of managing the ED without expert help.

They need a leader and charismatic Cal steps into the breach! First Cal attempts to convince everyone to work-to-rule. But Sam doesn’t take the news lying down. He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve and does his utmost to discredit Cal!

Later, however, it looks like Sam’s lost the war for the ED when there’s a tragic fatality. When push comes to shove, will ambitious Cal (Richard Winsor) take down Sam, or will ruthless Sam (Tom Chambers) scupper Cal’s career?