Heart-breaking scenes in Casualty for Elle and Jacob as the police arrest their teenage son Blake!

Elle and Jacob are stunned when the police come calling…

There are heart-breaking scenes in Casualty this week as doctor Elle Gardner and nurse Jacob Masters look on helplessly as their teenage son, Blake, is arrested!

Jacob (Charles Venn) only recently discovered he was in fact Blake’s father, after Elle (Jaye Griffiths) confessed her 17-year secret. Unknown to Elle, Jacob has since told Blake he’s his dad – which is why the teenager is giving his mum and dad a wide berth.

This week in Casualty Elle is shocked when Blake is admitted to the ED with seriously injured schoolboy Miles. Elle is under the impression Miles is Blake’s friend until Jacob reveals the horrible truth – Miles has been bullying Blake for months!

Jacob, Elle and Blake all turn on each other, as shocking twists and turns are revealed throughout the episode. When Blake is later arrested for more than one serious crime will the traumatised trio finally show a united family front?