FIRST LOOK: Neet Mohan is Casualty’s newbie doctor Rash Masum

Neet Mohan joins BBC1’s Casualty as the ED’s new junior doctor. Here’s everything we know so far about Rash

With Cal Knight dead, his brother Ethan Hardy in turmoil and doctor Lily Chao considering leaving, clinical lead Connie Beauchamp is desperately short staffed.

Enter new F1 Rashid Masum, played by Neet Mohan. Will he be the answer to Connie’s staffing crisis? Or is the junior doctor too inexperienced to be a useful member of the team?

Here’s what we know so far…

The actor

Neet Mohan joins Casualty this week

Rashid is played by Neet Mohan who has starred in Strike Back, Line of Duty and No Offence. He also had guest roles in Fresh Meat, Doctor Who and Casualty’s sister show, Holby City.

First shift

First impression first – will the new doc appear rash to his co-workers?

Neet will first star in Casualty as a regular character on Saturday 4th November. As is traditional in Casualty his first shift at the ED a baptism of fire!

Mentor me

Rash quickly discovers this is no time to be Lily-livered

Doctor Lily Chao is appointed as Rash’s mentor in the ED but with Lily’s personal and professional life reaching crisis point, we’re betting she’s even less warm and welcoming than usual.

By George!

Knowing Rash, knowing Ethan

Does Rash remind you of anyone? With his preppy look and glasses, we think he’s got the look of a young Ethan Hardy – and we’re not the only ones…

“A couple of people have mentioned that Rash looks potentially like an Ethan-in-the-making in a bookish, bespectacled way,” confirms George Rainsford, who plays Ethan. “Neet is lovely and friendly and has fitted in really well. I think Rash is going to be a really good Casualty character!”

Neet Mohan joins Casualty as new junior doctor Rash Masum on Saturday 4th November