Alex Reid has been forced to pull out of this weekend’s London Marathon after suffering a triple injury, according to reports.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner and partner of reality star Chantelle Houghton endured a catalogue of disasters leading up to the race, which began when he sprained his ankle after falling down a flight of stairs.

His website goes to to say that he pulled a hamstring while rehearsing for his new theatre show, and then broke a tooth after he “banged his face on the car door”.

“With much regret Alex is withdrawing from the Virgin London Marathon,” the statement on his site said.

“Alex has fallen down a flight of stairs while rehearsing for his new theatre tour Wildboys and twisted his ankle.

He then sprained his hamstring whilst rehearsing a routine for his play. His producer accompanied him to his Harley Street physician for an emergency MRI Scan and treatment this afternoon.

“Following this he broke a tooth when he banged his face on his car door so remained in Harley Street for a further two hours having cosmetic dentistry.”

Alex said he was “gutted” to have to miss the race, adding, “It’s a dream I was looking forward to achieving.”

The cage fighter and former husband of Katie Price is set to become a father this year when Chantelle gives birth to their first