Barrymore faces protest at Big Brother role

Michael Barrymore will face a protest when he starts his new roving reporter job for Celebrity Big Brother next month.

Terry Lubbock, the father of a man found dead at the home of the TV star, said he will mount a demonstration outside the studio where the entertainer is due to start work.

Channel 4 announced this week that Michael would feature in the new series of Big Brother’s Little Brother when the celebrity reality series airs on January 2.

The former CBB housemate will interview people on the street, feature as a regular guest on the show.

Terry said: “I will be outside the studios the day it starts – I will not rest until I know what happened to my son and I want Mr Barrymore to tell me all he knows.”

“Reporters are people who want information revealed. Now that Mr Barrymore is a reporter maybe he can reveal some information to me. I’ll be happy to be interviewed by him any time – and I’ll have some questions for him,” he added.

Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found dead at the star’s then home in Roydon, Essex, in March 2001 after a party.

Barrymore accepted a police caution for drug offences but was not charged in relation to the death.

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