Big Bro’s Andrew: ‘Natalie is slightly two-faced’

First Celebrity Big Brother evictee Andrew Stone labelled housemate Natalie Cassidy ‘slightly two-faced’.

“I’m a strong person, if people were saying s**t about me, then let them say s**t,” he told the Mirror. “There was one person in particular I was quite upset with when I came out because I thought she was a friend of mine and on my side and then she was saying stuff.”

Andrew was referring to ex EastEnders actress Natalie. But he says he will avoid confrontation when Natalie leaves the house because he thinks she’ll be the cause of her own downfall anyway.

“When I said I’d like to be a judge on The X Factor I said it to her on another show and I said ‘the show’s still good, it’s still big and I’ve got a musical success behind me that deserves me a place on that panel.’

“But she took me completely out of context and did say a few things that weren’t correct. At the end of the day I feel Natalie is playing a game and good for her, she’ll probably win the show. She’s kind of taken charge in the house.

“She’s playing a game and being slightly two-faced, if I’m really honest, but I’m happy with the way things have turned out and I wish her the best of luck and I really mean that.”