Big Brother celebrities undergo pyschiatric tests

For the first time ever, Celebrity Big Brother contestants have undergone psychiatric tests prior to entering the house.

The Daily Mirror reports that Big Brother producers are desperate to avoid the race rows and accusations of bullying that have troubled the TV format in recent years.

While ordinary Big Brother contestants always have the tests, it’s the first time celebrities, believed to include Ulrika Jonsson, have had them.

A show source said: “The tests probably weren’t good for their egos, but they were important to try to get a good trouble-free series.”

Producers say they have read the riot act before the famous faces enter the house on Friday. Executive producer Sharon Powers said: “We made it really, really clear exactly what kind of language and behaviour would not be tolerated.”

But Celebrity Big Brother won’t be entirely laugh-free. Producers have created string of comedy tasks, including one with electric shocks…

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