Big Brother housemates to show off their talents

The Celebrity Big Brother inmates are due to showcase the very talents that shot them to fame.

With glamour model Lucy Pinder among the housemates, the task could make Monday evening’s show a must-see for some viewers.

In a similar set-up to the last challenge, the housemate who head of the house Terry Christian judges to have the least talent will be secretly nominated for eviction.

Sunday’s show saw journalist/broadcaster Christian put Ulrika Jonsson up for the public vote after he decided that the Shooting Stars panellist was the housemate with the biggest ego.

Though the housemates are aware of Christian’s privileged status, they didn’t realise he was monitoring their behaviour as he filmed them to create closing credits for Sunday’s programme.

Initially reticent about his first nomination, Christian told Big Brother: “No one I filmed today showed any part of an ego. Only me as I go on about being head of house. We all have big egos and low self-esteem. That’s why we’re in the business.”

Pushed for an answer, he plumped for Jonsson, explaining: “It just seems to be that vibe about it to me. Too good for this. She’s a nice enough girl. Everything seems to get on her nerves about me and the situation. I may be wrong and I’ll suffer the consequences.”

An unwitting Jonsson confided to Big Brother that she was having ‘complete flashes of panic’ in the house, but she said she liked Christian for his ‘nuggets of information’.

The other housemates are 2ft 8in tall movie star Verne Troyer, ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena, firebrand socialist Tommy Sheridan, 90s pop singer Ben Adams, Shameless actress Tina Malone, rapper Coolio, former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton and La Toya Jackson, the sister of pop star Michael.

Sunday night’s Celebrity Big Brother showed footage from the group’s first full day as housemates after they entered the compound on Friday evening.

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