Celebrity Big Brother has been forced to defend its decision to get housemates to pretend to be residents and carers in a nursing home as part of a task.

Presenter Davina also offended some fans this week by attacking real life care for the elderly in the UK, reports The Mirror.

Davina wrote on her Twitter page on Wednesday: “This is what is is really like… This is how the elderly in a home feel. Uncared for, frustrated, not heard.”

But angry viewers responded with comments about Davina’s statement.

One said: “My Granny is a carer in a home and she treats her people wonderfully, she listens to them and cares. Not all carers are bad,” while another wrote: “I am a nurse and this is suddenly not funny anymore.”

Frank Ursell from the The Registered Nursing Home Association told The Mirror: “We are appalled that Channel 4 producers think it’s OK to represent older people and nursing homes in such a puerile and ill-informed way.

“It is an insult not only to the 190,000 residents in Britain’s nursing homes but also to the many tens of thousands of hard-working, dedicated staff who look after them round the clock.

“Specific scenes in the programme, such as the instruction that carers should liquidise all the food consumed by the residents of this ‘pretend’ nursing home, are as unrealistic as the idea for this ill thought out ‘game’ is silly.”

A Channel 4 issued a statement defending their decisions which saw Ivana and Stephanie as carers for the other celebs.

They said: “This is a light-hearted task which is in no way meant to cause offence or offer any political comment on the issues around old age.”

A spokesperson for Davina added: “Davina has the upmost respect for all carers and the amazing work they do and in no way wanted to cause any offence.”