Shilpa Shetty and her tormentor Jade Goody will go head-to-head in the next Celebrity Big Brother evictions.

Jade, who has been labelled a racist, will now be favourite to get voted off the controversial show by angry viewers.

The nominations, confirmed by a source close to the show, come as the reality TV star told the Bollywood actress: “Go back to the slums”.

The latest row, which look certain to further accusations of racism, blew up earlier in the day when Shilpa asked if there were any Oxo cubes left.

She sparked a furious reaction from Jade, Danielle and Jo when she said it was the only food she ordered in a shopping list.

Jade retaliated: “Don’t blatantly lie, don’t lie… don’t lie over something stupid. So what if I used an Oxo cube, shoot me.”

Jo and Danielle began to laugh, and Jo added in front of Shilpa: “That’s made me feel better”.

Jade tells Shilpa: “You’re not some princess here. You’re a normal housemate like everybody else. Everybody else.”

Shilpa hits back: “Oh please learn some manners. You know what you need? You need elocution classes Jade.”

Jade replies: “I don’t want elocution. I don’t want elocution. You know what you need? Some real life in your life.”

In Wednesday’s statement, Channel 4 said that Shilpa had not voiced concerns about racism to Big Brother.

But Shilpa has now asked Jermaine whether the other girls hate her because she is Indian.