Endemol, the TV production company which makes Big Brother, has denied secretly briefing housemates about the race row.

Tim Hincks, Endemol UK creative director, told Broadcast magazine: “We are not puppet-masters. The thing about Big Brother is it’s very honest and people may be sniggering behind their cups of tea now, but if there was any evidence of briefing or skullduggery, the audience would spot it immediately.”

He added: “Today’s sophisticated audience will spot very quickly if people are being dishonest in programme-making.”

Jade’s agent, John Noel, admitted to the magazine about his client: “Initially, it’s fair to say that everyone has dropped her.

“We don’t have anything in Jade’s order book at the moment apart from ideas.”

But Noel said a number of production companies were developing new TV ideas for Jade, saying: “You wouldn’t believe how many offers I’ve had in for her already”.

And he said of her future plans: “Jade wants to go out to India on her own. The idea is to see a government official, do a press call and come back. And that will happen, as soon as we get the visa through.”

Noel added: “The row on the Wednesday night wasn’t very nice. That was Jade losing her temper. None of us looks good when we lose our temper.

“That was the problem – an anger problem. It looked foul but I don’t think it was the least bit racist.”