Former Big Brother contestant Makosi Musambasi settled her libel action against The Sun today over claims that she had been part of a “con” to get on the show.

Makosi, 26, who came third on 2005’s Big Brother 6, had sued the newspaper over an article in August that year, said solicitor David Price.

He told Mr Justice Eady at the High Court in London that the article alleged Makosi was really an actress and had been part of a “con” to bypass the normal audition process and get fast-tracked on to the show.

A reference was made to an invoice from a talent agency to Big Brother, which The Sun said was for a professional video made on Makosi’s behalf.

Mr Price claimed that the invoice was wholly unconnected with Makosi, who had gone through the normal audition process, and that the newspaper now recognised that.

He added that Makosi was hurt and embarrassed by the article and had complained to the newspaper, which made an offer of amends and agreed to the amicable settlement of the claim.

No details of the settlement were given in court but it is understood that Makosi received undisclosed damages.