Celebrity Big Brother housemates have started to find life a lot tougher after the house was made less luxurious.

The new, harsher regime began on Tuesday morning, halfway through the latest Channel 4 series, when the celebrities drank their morning cup of tea and found that all their sugar had been swapped for salt.

Producers have also removed the soft furnishings from the living room, meaning the celebrities have to sit on hard benches.

Housemates have become increasingly frustrated with the new regime, with singer Dane Bowers complaining: “They have taken all our comforts.”

Actor-turned-preacher Stephen Baldwin (pictured) shouted: “The hotter it is, the more you make me feel like Jesus, son. Now we’re gonna see what’s up. Now we’re going to see what people are made of.”

Actress Stephanie Beacham does not know that she will have to do without her acrylic bed linen on Tuesday night as housemates will have to make do with hessian sheets.

A spokeswoman for the show said: “From today things will get a lot harder for the celebrities.”

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