Celebrity Big Brother winner Shilpa Shetty could earn a massive fortune of £10 million after gaining huge popularity during the TV show’s racism row.

Managers of the 31-year-old Bollywood star have received more than 300 offers of work from advertisers, film producers, book publishers, modelling agencies and record labels in Britain and India since she won the reality TV series on Sunday, the Daily Mail reports.

Shilpa, who suffered bullying at the hands of reality TV star Jade Goody, is apparently also in talks to star in a BBC comedy written by Sanjeev Bhaskar from The Kumars At No 42.

A source close to the actress told the paper last night that £10 million was a “conservative” estimate of Shilpa’s earning potential.

“That sounds like a lot but we are talking about a woman who is intelligent and beautiful and already has an established career as a Bollywood actress,” the source said.

“Her approach to the bullying that went on so publicly in the Big Brother house won her a legion of fans. If Jade Goody can earn £8 million from her Big Brother fame, think what Shilpa – who speaks several languages and has become a heroic figure – can do.”

Meanwhile, it seems Shilpa’s mum Sundanda just wants to find her daughter a good husband.

“Sundanda has flown over with the express purpose of finding Shilpa a suitable husband – someone who is very wealthy and of Indian descent who will seal the family’s future wealth,” said a friend.