Boy George believes he had a ‘narrow escape’ when a judge ruled that he couldn’t take part in Celebrity Big Brother 2010.

Boy George told London’s Metro newspaper: “I was watching it thinking I don’t know how I’d have managed. I’ve successfully avoided reality for 48 years so it’s a bit too late to start now.”

Mr Justice Bean ruled that Boy George couldn’t take part in a programme that would boost his celebrity status while still serving part of a non-custodial sentence after he was convicted for unlawful imprisonment.

But Boy George thinks the Big Brother experience would ‘drive anyone cuckoo’.

His fellow housemates were the least of his concern. He said: “I’ve met [Vinnie Jones] a few times and we’ve got on fine. It’s more a case of dealing with people in that confined space with no music, books, TV, nothing to stimulate you.”

Boy George was enthusiastic about the planned BBC biopic of his early life and time in Culture Club.

“I visited the set and met the actor who is playing me, Douglas Booth, a very nice kid. They’ve got the styling perfect.

“I’ve seen the script and helped put some of the costumes together, so I’ve been involved slightly. It deals with the New Romantic period up to our first appearance on Top of the Pops. It’s about the period before the fame, which is interesting.

“I had deja vu when I saw all the actors on the set.”