Pop star Boy George has said he is “not overly upset” after a High Court judge blocked him from appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

The 48-year-old – real name George O’Dowd – is subject to Probation Service conditions after his early release from prison where he was serving a sentence for imprisoning a male escort.

He went to court to try and overturn the decision by the Probation Service to ban him from appearing on the last series of the show, which begins on January 3.

The former Culture Clu singer told the court he would have earned �£400,000 for being on the show.

However Mr Justice Bean dismissed his application, saying, “I consider that right-thinking members of the public would take the view that an offender serving the non-custodial part of a sentence of imprisonment should not be allowed to take part in a high profile, controversial television production, promoting his status as a celebrity and with considerable financial gain.”

Afterwards Boy George said in a statement, “To be honest I’m not overly upset about not entering Celebrity Big Brother.

“I was always in two minds about whether it was the right move and now that the decision has been made by a judge in the High Court I am more than happy to accept it. Perhaps the judge is a good fairy.

“I’m simply looking forward to April 15 when I will finally be off licence and free to work and travel and pay my taxes,” he added.

“Celebrity Big Brother would have been a good earner as I was being offered ���£400,000 and my ability to work has been restricted for the past two years.

“But there’s much more to life than money and other opportunities will arise.”