New Big Brother presenter Brian Dowling has said he hopes the revamped version of the show will be more glamorous than the series he was in.

Brian – who is co-hosting the new series on Five – hinted that the second series he won in 2001 would not attract viewers if it were on now.

“I think if we put my show on now, people would be bored,” he admitted.

“It needs to be more glamorous, push boundaries and have that polished, produced, almost American look to it, where it’s reality, but almost assisted reality.”

The new series begins with a celebrity version of the show, beginning on August 18, before it opens its doors to members of the public for the regular version.

However Brian refused to reveal any details about what viewers can expect.

“They have to make it their own, so it will look amazing to watch,” he said.

“It’ll be a bit sassier than Channel 4 to attract a new, younger audience and I think they will be braver with the show – as long as no one has sex on television!”

He added, “I can’t imagine interviewing someone who just had sex on national TV – how can you not judge someone who’s done that?!”