Brian Dowling: ‘There will be breasts everywhere!’

Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling steps into Davina’s shoes as Celebrity Big Brother moves to Channel 5, kicking off with a three week celebrity special (Thursday, 9pm). We caught up with the former Ryanair steward for a sneak preview…

I’m worried that my first words will be: “Big Brother House, this is Davina, you’re live on Channel 4″… I’m such a fan and I’ve been hearing that for 11 years, so it could happen.

I’ve been to see the house and there’s a big pool…

Give people a pool and a few drinks and there will be breasts everywhere.

The appeal of the show hasn’t changed… People are nosy – I know I am. I’ve put a glass to the wall to hear my neighbours arguing. People are obsessed with finding out what goes on behind closed doors, and Big Brother lets them do that.

I won the show, so I know some people like me, but others can be hateful… On Twitter I discovered people who wanted me dead. That’s not something you want to read about yourself.

I find it odd that people comment on my weight in magazines and websites… How the hell is it anyone’s business what I weigh? Someone compared me to Eamonn Holmes, and he and I had a laugh about that. I love Eamonn – he’s listed on my phone as ‘Uncle Eamonn’.

If I’d never been on Big Brother, I’d still like to think I would no longer be with Ryanair… Charging people to go to the toilet would be horrendous. I used to have to charge £2 for a cup of tea, and one passenger spat at me. Maybe I’d be on British Airways by now.

Big Brother is a bit like a panto… People see you for one hour of every 24 you’re in the house, so they don’t really know what you’re like. I couldn’t be the funny, camp guy that I am on telly 24 hours a day or I’d be demented.

My mum likes the idea of me being on telly… She thinks I know everyone else on TV. She imagines I’m hanging out in some gay club with Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Gok Wan all the time.