Evicted Celebrity Big Brother contestant Carole Malone has denied Shilpa Shetty is suffering from racist abuse, but admitted it was ‘bullying on a grand scale’.

The former housemate also told ITV’s This Morning programme that she had advised Shilpa to become a ‘bigger bully’ to overcome the other housemates.

“I don’t think it is racism, but I think it is bullying on a grand scale. Shilpa is a beautiful, self-possessed woman,” the journalist said.

Carole said when she had advised Shilpa to fight back against Jade, Jo and Danielle, the Bollywood actress refused on the basis that she is ‘representing the Indian community’.

Shilpa had apparently told Carole: “I can’t be seen to be screaming like a banshee.”

Carole also told hosts Philip Schofield and Fern Britton she was surprised that Cleo and Jermaine ‘haven’t stepped in to stop this… one word from them would stop this’.

She went on to say: “I’m very surprised at Jo because she’s a good girl,” adding that everyone had the mickey taken out of their accents at some point.

“They took the mickey out of me for being Geordie,” she said.