CBB’s Lucy: I’m relieved to be out!

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lucy Pinder has admitted she is “relieved” to be out of the house after becoming the first evictee of this series.

Speaking during her eviction interview Lucy – who exited the house to a mixed response of cheers and boos from the crowd – said, “Before I went in everybody was saying don’t you dare be the first out of the house, you’ll never live it down.”

“But because of the way the nominations were with Terry, it’s the nicest way I could have gone.”

Earlier in the evening Lucy was voted out of the house over fellow nominee Ulrika Jonsson, with 57 per cent of the public vote.

She was nominated after head of house Terry Christian judged her to be the least talented housemate.

And the glamour model was quick to explain why she had kept her clothes on in the house. “With my job it’s in a studio and in there I kept covering, just because I was in a house with ten people that I didn’t really know.”

Lucy also discussed her thorny relationship with Coolio during her time in the house – which at one point led to him accusing her of “acting like a kid”.

“He’s not malicious,” she admitted, “he kind of jokes, but a few things he said to some of the women, we kind of felt he was being threatening towards us”.

“But it does make good television when people get on other people’s nerves.”

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