Celebrity Big Brother housemate Stephanie Beacham burst into tears after smashing Ivana Trump’s award into thousands of pieces.

The socialite accepted her fake award – which looked like a glass vase attached to a wooden plinth – and proudly came back to show it off to the other housemates shouting: “I won! I won! Martha Stewart must be fuming by now.”

The 60-year-old ex-wife of American business mogul Donald Trump believed she had won the Best International Businesswoman On A Reality TV show award from the readers of fictional Scandinavian magazine Kugel Fresh.

The housemates were challenged to insult Trump’s award, try to drink out of it and break it in order to pass a secret task and win an awards party.

Stephanie asked to see the award and after taking it, dropped it almost immediately, smashing it into pieces. The 62-year-old Dynasty actress said it “smashed in my hand” and began crying as she apologised to Ivana.

But it was apparently more than an act as she kept crying when she visited Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Vinnie Jones, Dane Bowers and Nicola Tappenden quickly thought of ways to pass the task, telling Ivana: “It looked stupid anyway, it looked like it was made of plastic.”

On accepting her award in the Task Room via what she believed was a satellite link-up to the awards ceremony in Switzerland, Trump made a peace sign and blew kisses at the camera.

She said: “I’m really deeply honoured and overwhelmed.

The other celebrities laughed as the speech was shown on a screen in the living room.