Stephanie Beacham and Jonas Altberg have finished fifth and fourth in the final of Celebrity Big Brother 2010.

The actress – the only remaining female housemate – was the first to leave the house in Friday’s final, having received 8.6 per cent of the public vote.

Jonas, aka DJ Basshunter, was given the boot after scoring 12.8 per cent of the vote.

Beacham said in her eviction interview that being in the Celebrity Big Brother house had been “like heaven”.

“There was no telephone,” she said “There was nothing I can do. I had to just give up control and for me that is extraordinary. It was life as a child, really.”

Jonas, meanwhile, described his time in the house as “funny, emotional and a little bit sad”.

But there was a lot of joy, I learnt a lot of lessons, and I’ve never laughed so much in my entire life.”

However he denied that he had fallen in love with fellow housemate Katia, despite romance blossoming between the pair.

“It’s really hard to know if it’s love or not, especially in the house,” he said. It was emotional and it was like there wasn’t anyone else that really caught my attention. It felt much stronger than it was.”