Celebrity Big Brother‘s Katia Ivanova has ‘broken up’ with fellow housemate Jonas ‘Basshunter’ Altberg.

Ronnie Wood’s ex-girlfriend called an end to her brief romance with the Swedish producer around 6pm, pulling him aside from the other housemates to tell him of her decision.

“I was thinking, we need to stop this thing – it’s not worth it in the end,” she told Jonas.

“We’re more friends, anyway. Before it gets out of hand. I know I’ll regret it so it’s not worth it.’

A dejected Jonas said: “It makes sense. I’m fine. Cool.”

Minutes later, Lady Sovereign (Sov) told Katia, who is up for nomination this week, that she had made Jonas cry, which got the former cocktail waitress looking upset.

A disappointed Jonas talked to cage-fighter Alex Reid about his feelings of being ‘dumped’ before he retreated to his bed alone.

Katia – who is up for nomination this week – and Jonas have been making the headlines for cuddling and kissing under the duvet, as they shared a bed together.

But Katia previously told fellow housemates Nicola and Sov that she was only flirting out of boredom, and that she didn’t fancy Jonas because he was “too clean-cut”.

Meanwhile, he described her as “a soulmate”.