Quentin Tarantino is backing Vinnie Jones to win Celebrity Big BrotherThe Oscar-winning director and the footballer-turned-actor have apparently stuck up a friendship in Hollywood and now Tarantino wants his pal to win the reality TV show.

He told The Sun: “If the winner is judged on personality and character, then Vinnie can be the only winner.”

He continued: “He is one of the most charismatic guys in Hollywood and people who know him not only know that he is a fantastic person but that he has a heart of pure gold. I’m honoured to call him my friend.”

Tarantino and Vinnie are neighbours in LA and first met in 2007 when Vinnie invited the Inglourious Basterds director round for a barbecue.

Tarantino also said Vinnie wasn’t doing the show because he needed to, but for his 18-year-old son Aaron, who is serving in Afghanistan.

He said: “People often put themselves forward for reality shows because they are broke or want to revive their career, but Vinnie is neither of those things. He is going to get some time away from worrying about his son Aaron.

“He is very proud of not only Aaron but all his family, but like any other father he worries – that is only natural.

“I don’t know about the other contestants, but Vinnie Jones is a real superstar.”