Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been set a stomach-churning task, where they have been told to weave real cow offal on to a wire mesh cow set-up.

After eating a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, the celebrities noticed that each plate was decorated with a coloured cross – and they worked out that Ivana Trump, Stephanie Beacham and Nicola Tappenden each had a red cross on their plates.

Meanwhile Vinnie Jones, Alex Reid and Jonas Altberg had blue, and Sisqo, Stephen Baldwin and Dane Bowers had green.

Sisqo said: “That was a dumb thing to do, to put me and Dane on the same team ‘cos we are going to win.”

Nicola T said: “I’ve just realised something, they didn’t put us in the teams, we chose our plates. We could have sat anywhere.”

Stephanie added: “I usually sit there and I got up to get my cup and I got back and someone was sitting in my seat.”

Each colour represents a team that the housemates will be divided into, but it hasn’t yet been disclosed what relevance these teams have.

A spokesman for Celebrity Big Brother said: “In order to pass this task, housemates must make the cow whole again by weaving it with the offal to fill the wire gaps. Housemates will be told that if they pass the task they will win a special prize.”

“If they succeed in rebuilding the cow they will receive another roast dinner.”