Celebrity Big Brother housemates get ‘vajazzled!’

The remaining housemates in Big Brother have had the chance to try out Amy Childs’ famous ‘vajazzle’ for themselves after she was given the task of performing the treatment on them all.

The Sun reports that the TOWIE beautician was given 90 minutes to work her magic on the others – with the girls proving to be more enthusiastic than the boys.

“Kerry and Tara had love hearts and flowers around their bikini lines,” a Channel Five source told the sun. Lucien, Bobby and Jedward also allowed Amy to place gems and crystals in intimate body parts as part of the task – but others weren’t so keen.

Paddy Doherty refused to be vajazzled before eventually allowing Amy to place a cross on his arm, while Darryn Lyons opted for a band of crystals around his arm.

And despite their initial enthusiasm Jedward were left wincing when their inner thighs were waxed, with Edward describing it as “an experience I will always remember for the rest of my life”.

Amy won herself 10 minutes in the diary room with her pet pug Prince as a reward for successfully completing the challenge.

Seven housemates now remain to compete in next week’s final, following Tara Reid’s departure from the house on Friday night.

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