It’s been an explosive 24 hours in the Celebrity Big Brother house after contestants Luisa Zissman and Dappy had an almighty row.

The bust-up saw the former Apprentice star brand the N-Dubz rapper a ‘sexist, chauvinistic pig’ after the pair clashed over his attitude towards the opposite sex.

After accusing Luisa of being ‘stuck-up’ when she objected to his views on women who have multiple partners, she hit back, telling him: “I know you don’t respect me because I’m a woman.”

She went on to add: “When he walks out of here and watches it back, he will regret what he is saying. He comes across like a chauvinistic pig.”

Later the businesswoman confronted Dappy, telling him: “Your mum should be absolutely disgusted with your attitude towards women and I bet that the nation watching this now will be in complete agreement with me,” she began.

“How dare you speak like that about someone of the opposite sex?” she continued. “How dare you put women down?

“Your agent knew to tell you to keep your mouth shut, as soon as you open your mouth, you’d act like that, and you told me that,” she fumed before directing a tirade of expletives towards the rapper.

Luisa escaped eviction on Friday night after Lee and Casey – who returned to the house after being sent to the Big Brother bolthole – had to choose who should leave.

After much agonising they eventually decided to give boxer Evander Holyfield his marching orders, making him the first person to be evicted from the house.