Celebrity Big Brother: Mutya quits!

Mutya Buena has walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house just moments after escaping eviction on Friday evening.

The 23-year-old singer threatened to quit after fellow housemate Tina Malone was given the boot instead – and told Big Brother she wanted to leave shortly after Tina departed.

And before she left she admitted she was happy about her decision.

“I feel happy cos I’m going home and seeing my daughter and am going to have a decent night’s sleep,” she told Big Brother.

“I don’t want anyone to think I haven’t enjoyed myself. I’ve had an amazing experience. But it’s just the contact, of not being around people that I love. I miss my daughter dearly.”

And she described her time in the house as an “amazing experience”.

“I’m never gonna forget this. I’ve made some great friends. And you’ve made me feel that not having things, that I have all the time, isn’t important,” the former Sugababes member said.

Earlier in the evening, she had confided in Ulrika, saying she did not want to spend another night in the house.

“I can’t stay with these men,” she said of her fellow housemates. “They are irritating me seriously.”

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