Celebrity Big Brother has been found to have breached the broadcasting code with an episode in which housemates talked about their sex lives and made rude shapes out of dough.

Ofcom received five complaints about the programme broadcast on a Sunday, when children were watching.

The watchdog said that the episode – a repeat of an episode originally broadcast late at night – was ‘not appropriately scheduled’.

The episode included Ollie Locke, Luisa Zissman (pictured) and Lee Ryan making sexual references while making dough balls in the kitchen, and later on, housemates Liz Jones, Jim Davidson, Linda Nolan, Luisa, Ollie, Sam Faiers and Dappy sitting on a sofa talking about their sex lives.

Channel Five said that the Code does not prohibit discussions on sexual matters before the watershed.

Ofcom said that 8,800 viewers of the Sunday instalment were aged four to nine years old.

It said that the ‘cumulative effect of … the use of sexual innuendos … together with the frank, discussions on the topic of sexual experiences resulted in an inappropriate and prominent sexual theme and adult tone.’


Press Association