Sally Bercow has become the first person to get the boot from Celebrity Big Brother 2011 after losing out in the public vote.

The Speaker’s wife – who had been the bookies’ favourite to leave – received the fewest votes from the public, who this year are voting for the housemates they want to save.

She had been up against Kerry Katona and model Bobby Sabel – who narrowly escaped the chop after scoring just one per cent more in the voting than Sally.

The model’s eviction odds had been slashed dramatically after he tricked Darryn Lyons into drinking his sweat during the Wizard Of Oz task.

The trio had been facing the public vote after Kerry failed last week’s diva task – and found herself up for nomination and ordered to choose two other housemates to join her.

Sally appeared resigned to her fate and showed little emotion when Brian Dowling announced that she would be leaving that night.

She quickly hugged her fellow housemates before leaving to a mixed response from the crowd – afterwards admitting that she was “embarrassed” to be the first person out of the house.

“It’s a bit of a loser thing, but I had to be out some time,” the 41-year-old said in her eviction interview, adding that she understood Kerry’s decision to nominate her.

“In Kerry’s position I would have nominated me because I ignored her for the whole of the first day after she had that tantrum,” Sally said.

“And I would definitely have nominated Bobby because he didn’t open up until about day four in the house.”

“I don’t know how I came across in the house, I had no idea,” she added. I had a lot of opposition from me going into the house, from various people in the political world including my husband who I love very much but he didn’t want me going into the house.

“But I’m really glad I’ve done it, because I’ve raised £100,000 for my charity.”

The next housemate will be booted out on Wednesday in what Brian Dowling described as a “secret” eviction.