Celebrity Big Brother surprise: Michelle’s out!

Michelle Heaton has been voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in a surprise eviction.

The former Liberty X singer and TV star Ukrika Jonsson had earlier been revealed as the latest housemates to face the public vote, although they were blissfully unaware that voting was taking place.

The final eight had been given a swanky premiere night to view the movie they had made in their film task, and were all dolled up in dinner suits and posh frocks.

As they watched the film, Davina McCall appeared on the screen to announce the news that Michelle was to be evicted.

Michelle, who has spent much of her time in the house in tears thanks to an ongoing dispute with US rapper Coolio, at least looked the part for her exit – wearing a flowing white gown.

After leaving the house, she told Davina: “It’s nice to come out like this because I didn’t feel nervous all day – and I get to wear a nice long dress.”

On her tears in the house, she said: “I do cry at the drop of a hat, but that’s just me and I’ve been exactly as normal in there as I would be outside.”

Michelle said she was expecting her friendship with Ben Adams to be turned into a big deal. “He reminded me a lot of my ex-husband,” she admitted, before adding: “Because Andy (Scott-Lee, her ex), he’s a lovely guy and I’ve got nothing bad to say about him, and they’re very similar… It’s not that I fancied Ben, we just clicked personality-wise, and that’s it.”

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