Celebrity Big Brother: Tara Reid is evicted!

Tara Reid has become the latest person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, ahead of the final next week.

The American Pie actress lost out in a four-way eviction battle on Friday night, in in which she was up against Darryl Lyons, Lucien Laviscount and Bobby Sabel.

The quartet found themselves facing the public vote after Wednesday night’s evictee Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff chose to give the remaining four housemates immunity from eviction.

And Tara’s luck ran out after she received the lowest number of votes from the public – who this year are voting for the housemates they want to save.

The 35-year-old did not appear to be surprised by the news of her impending departure, and bade a swift farewell to her fellow housemates before emerging to a largely negative response from the crowd.

Afterwards, she told Brian Dowling that it felt “weird” to be outside the house – but added that there were times on the inside when she had felt awkward.

“It’s truly an emotional rollercoaster, one minute you’re happy and having so much fun, and then the next minute you’re freaking out,” Tara said.

“It gets cliquey in the house and you feel like sometimes you’re getting a little bullied, and I felt a little bullying in the house. There were times when people didn’t take things the right way and it had a domino effect – and there’s nowhere you can escape to.”

She also admitted that her relationship with Darryn had been difficult at first.

“It was like a love hate relationship,” the actress admitted. “He started giving me dirty looks and being mean. It was ridiculous, he is a grown man. But then we made it up and talked it out and it was cool.

“He was in a lot of people’s ears,” she added. “It got to a point where it got crazy.”

Seven housemates now remain to battle it out for the series title, with the public now voting for who they want to win.

All of the male housemates – Bobby, Darryn, Lucien, Paddy Doherty and Jedward – have made it to the final, while Kerry Katona and Amy Childs are the only remaining female housemates.

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