Celebrity Big Brother will give Linda Nolan the chance to turn a corner, her sister Coleen has said.

Singer Linda, once part of The Nolans, has joined the reality show with the likes of Dappy, Jim Davidson, Lee Ryan, and US actress Jasmine Waltz.

Linda, 54, told her housemates she was on benefits before joining the show, saying that she hoped the series would ‘get me back on the road to recovery’.

Loose Women presenter Coleen said she hoped Linda will regain her confidence after starring in the Channel 5 show.

She told the Daily Mirror: “Linda is such a lovely person she would never try and hide the fact that when she hit hard times she turned to the benefits system to survive day to day.

“First she lost her husband, then our mother and all whilst battling cancer herself, that’s a lot for a person to deal with let alone also losing our amazing sister Bernie last year too.

“Linda, like all of us, has paid a lot of tax over the years that the Nolans were successful… so I think people will understand that when she needed assistance she took what she was entitled to.”

She added: “Big Brother will give her a much needed boost in confidence to prove to herself that she can still perform and can enjoy a career that she worked hard for.”