Celebrity Big Brother star Coolio attacked members of the audience at a nightclub after he was pelted with plastic bottles and ice-cubes.

Coolio, 45, was only minutes into his act when a group of clubbers began shouting abuse at him followed by missiles, prompting him to warn: “I’ll stop the gig.”

According to reports in The Sun, the rapper was held back by bouncers when he leapt into the crowd at the Escapade Club in Barsnley, South Yorks.

One of his two-man backing group received a cut eye in the fracas.

Security staff ejected a number of people involved but Coolio refused to return to the stage.

One clubber told The Sun: “It was mayhem for a while. There were bottles flying everywhere and all the contents of the bottles were spilling out all over the place.”

A spokesman for the star said: “He was well received but there was a small group of drunken lads that decided to start chucking things like ice cubes and bottles.”

“He warned them he would stop if it continued but they carried on and he decided to confront them.”

Coolio came third on Celebrity Big Brother in January, behind Ulrika Jonsson and Terry Christian.

He caused a storm when he was accused of bulling female housemates.

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