Dane Bowers had an unlikely heart-to-heart with Alex Reid in the Celebrity Big Brother house as he revealed he had ‘cleared the air’ with Katie Price.

But despite the apparent cosiness between two of Jordan’s boyfriends – past and present – Dane said later he thought cage-fighter Alex felt awkward around him.

The former Another Level singer and Alex were discussing Jordan’s string of books.

Dane confessed he had not read any of them, but added: “She made some stuff up, but we spoke about that.”

He then told Alex he had been to see her and ‘cleared the air between them’. It was the first time they had spoken in eight years, he added.

Despite signs that their relationship had improved, the singer appeared to take a swipe at Alex, telling model Nicola T: “What can I do? I was with her for two-and-a-half years, he’s been with her six months.”

In other developments, footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones said he had lost respect for Stephanie Beacham.

During a Celebrity Big Brother diary room rant, he said: “Steph is just playing for the public a little bit, I don’t know what her game is.

“But she’s had plenty to say about Stephen and Sisqo, and now all of a sudden they’ve been evicted she is saying, ‘two great characters have left’. It is very two-faced if you ask me.”

Americans Stephen Baldwin and Sisqo left in a double eviction on Friday, leading Vinnie to declare that the two who went against his leadership had “both bitten the dust”.