Davina McCall tells us why she’s thrilled to be back for the final series of Celebrity Big Brother, and what her personal highlights of the show have been over the last ten years.

Are you sad that this is the final series of Celebrity Big Brother?
I sort of feel melancholy about it all. I’ve had time to get my head round it and I feel quite nostalgic about it all but I do feel I’m coming to terms with it.

Did the cancellation of the series – and the regular main series which ends in the summer – knock your confidence?
Yes it knocked me in as much as I was sad but it would’ve hurt me a lot worse if it had happened last year. Where I am with work now [Davina currently also presents Sky One’s Got To Dance], it would’ve been a lot worse if it had happened last year. I was very lucky with timing. And they gave us a year to wind it all down – I’m grateful for that.

Have you any idea who this year’s housemates will be?
I have a few tasters, pointers, but I can’t say anything.

Jordan’s on/off boyfriend Alex Reid has been mentioned…
I’ve heard that name bandied about but honestly I haven’t heard that from anybody official.

Who would you like to see in there?
I like feiry people – Gordon Ramsay would be great. Or funny people too – Michael McIntyre, someone like that.

Who do you think has been the best celebrity ever in the Big Brother house?
George Galloway stands out more then anybody. That was the best moment ever when he was the cat with Rula Lenska. Mark Owen was a lovely winner. He was so sweet, he said he’d forgotten how deal with the cheering when he came out. Pete Burns was amazing too He just doesn’t care.

Do you think this really is the final series – it couldn’t be revived by another channel?
No. I don’t think anybody wants it – it’s too much of a hot potato now. I am going with the thought that it won’t ever come back. I can’t think of any other channel that would have it. I have to let go of hope otherwise I’d be a saddo always thinking ‘maybe…’. I’m just going to remember it as a great TV programme that I was incredibly proud to be a part of.