Shilpa may be the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother, but when it comes to book sales, Dirk Benedict is the clear winner.

Sales of the A-Team star’s biography have shot up 2500 per cent since he entered the house, putting it in bookseller Amazon’s Top 100.

“Dirk’s little known novel, Confessions Of A Kamikaze Cowboy: A True Story Of Discovery, Acting, Health, Illness, Recovery, And Life, has proved the surprise hit of the series,” said an spokesman.

The ‘warts and all’ book has become so popular that the online shop ran out of stock.

“He has inspired the public to support their favourite contestant with online orders, leading to having to order extra stock due to customer demand,” the spokesman said.

The show has also boosted sales of The Very Best Of The Jackson 5 by 500 per cent in the last week, showing Jermaine might be a late contender for the Celebrity Big Brother crown.

But not everyone has done well from the exposure – sales of the Steps and S Club 7 greatest hits albums have stayed static.

“Our customers’ buying habits are evidently an indicator of the success of the contestants – and whether Dirk takes the title or not, he’s certainly been the stand-out winner when it comes to sales,” added Kes Nielsen, head books buyer of