Housemates fall out over failed shopping task

Tina’s spat with Coolio was one of many rows that broke out in the Celebrity Big Brother house after contestants failed three tasks, leaving them with a basic shopping budget.

The arguments over food exposed a rift in the house, with tensions rising between the male and female celebrities.

The day started badly when American rapper Coolio and Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan failed their task.

They ignored the carwash music played into the house and stayed asleep on the sofa instead of putting on their costumes and going through the carwash in the garden.

Big Brother later told the group they had also failed two more tasks.

Singer Michelle Heaton and actor Verne Troyer failed to eat their jars of honey in four hours, and a video on the Big Brother website of TV presenter Terry Christian and actress Tina Malone as toy ballet dancers failed to attract more hits than one of presenter Ulrika Jonsson and Verne last week.

Because of this, the group were only given a basic shopping budget of £1 per person per day.

Disagreements began when they started to plan the meals they could make with their limited budget.

Coolio wanted everyone to eat breakfast, a light lunch and then a big dinner but Ulrika disagreed, saying they needed to try and make snacks last.

She then volunteered to help with the shopping list and said she would ask singer LaToya Jackson if she would be willing to stop eating smoked salmon and have cheaper tuna or salmon fillet instead.

But Austin Powers star Verne said they should not interfere with her diet. He said: “You can’t ask a vegetarian to eat meat.”

“I’m asking her about salmon Verne, a different type of salmon that’s all. I never suggested she should eat meat,” said Ulrika defending herself.

After more arguing with Verne, Ulrika stormed off to the bedroom where she burst into tears.

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