Jade’s unlikely to receive a friendly reception when she leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house – but she has been promised a warm welcome in India.

The reality star is at the centre of the storm about alleged racist bullying of her fellow contestant Shilpa Shetty. But despite making headlines in India for her behaviour towards the Bollywood star on the C4 show, the 25-year-old has now been invited to visit the country.

In an advert placed in several of today’s national newspapers, the India Tourism Office extends her a welcoming hand. In an illustration of the old maxim that all publicity is good publicity, the office takes the opportunity to boast of India’s ‘bustling cosmopolitan cities, snow-clad mountains’ and ‘long sandy coastlines’.

The open letter ‘to Jade Goody and friends’ reads: “Dear Jade Goody. Once your current commitments are over, may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India. Being one of the world’s oldest civilisations, our land is one where the ancient and the modern co-exist and a multitude of religions live in harmony.”

It continues: “As a beauty therapist, you may be especially interested in visiting one of the many spas where you can cleanse your stresses away, enjoy yoga in the land that invented it and experience Ayurvedic healing which promotes positive health and natural beauty.”

Could Jade find enlightenment…?