Ivana Trump said Vinnie Jones’s bossiness has ‘alienated’ him from his Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

The 60-year-old millionaire, evicted from the show with 5.74 per cent of the public vote, said the footballer-turned-actor’s behaviour had changed over the course of the show, causing his popularity to plunge.

Ivana said: “Vinnie was the leader, he kept all the youngsters on their toes – I find Vinnie very organised and disciplined, but he’s also very bossy and patronising to many of the housemates.

“He’s territorial – he scolded me when I was tiptoeing into the kitchen. People are afraid of him, but I understood him. I was not afraid of him because I knew what he was up to.

“Vinnie alienated himself, and I heard yesterday the audience are starting to dislike him.”

Her views were mirrored by fellow evictee Nicola Tappenden, who also got the boot after only receiving 6.15 per cent of the vote.

“Vinnie’s behaviour has changed – it sounds like he’s blown his chances to win, but we thought he was a definite winner inside the house. The bullying doesn’t come across like that,” she said.

Ivana, best known for her 15-year marriage to Donald Trump, said no one could stand up to Vinnie. “Alex (Reid) tried to stand up to him and was attacked,” she recalled.

Ivana said she entered the house because she wanted the ‘experience of coping in a totally different world’ and to show people she was normal. “I wanted to show people that I can cook, I can do dishes, I can make my bed, I can do conversation, and I think I did achieve that.”

She plans to document her Big Brother experiences in a book, using her catchphrase as a title, It Is What It Is.