Jack Tweed contemplated suicide during trial

Jack Tweed has told This Morning that he seriously contemplated suicide while awaiting trial for rape.

The late Jade Goody’s partner said he was close to breaking point because he knew, even if he got off the charges, he would be for ever tainted.

He said his first thought after his arrest last September was that no one would be believe he was innocent.

“You think, ‘that’s it, my name is branded as a rapist, I’m never going to get out of this’. I remember my mum coming to visit me and I just wanted to end my life. I thought, what’s the point? I don’t want to be branded as one of them because I’m not. I think it’s disgusting. I just thought there was no point carrying on.”

This Morning host Phillip Schofield asked him what stopped him.

“[I thought] that it was selfish really on my family.”

The jury acquitted Jack and co-accused Anthony Davis within 20 minutes, not that it felt like that for him.

“It was horrible. I just went to the toilets and I actually prayed to Jade. And I don’t really do that a lot. I do pray sometimes, but I don’t really talk to Jade because I just feel stupid, but it was probably the first or second time that I have done it. I just sat there for 10-15 minutes in the toilet just praying…”

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