Jade Goody‘s mother Jackiey Budden has spoken about the ‘very emotional’ memorial service on Sunday, held to mark a year since her daughter died from cervical cancer.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ITV1’s This Morning on Monday, Jackiey said: “Yesterday’s memorial was a very lovely day, very emotional, but then Jade likes tears.

“Everyone that was close to her came and we all lit a candle, the priest said a few prayers. It was just lovely.”

Speaking about the year since Jade’s death, Jackiey said: “It’s been a rollercoaster basically.

“Since Jade has passed my life has just gone up and down and I’ve tried to make it and it went wrong, I tried to make it again and it went wrong but I’m missing her so much.”

Jackiey also claimed she was ‘ashamed’ of her behaviour after the News Of The World obtained film apparently showing the grandmother taking cocaine in Tenerife a few days before the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

She said: “I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. I was going through a hell of a lot of s*** over in Tenerife as I was moving my things back.”

She added: “I don’t snort or anything, I’ve never ever done that in my life. Yes, I was a crackhead, but nine years clean, and I said, ‘Do you know what – I’ll just take two lines’, and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever done.”

Asked by Phillip if she would remain clean in future, Jackiey replied: “Yeah, 100 per cent. I feel physically sick and disgusted that I even done it.

“I just shouldn’t have done it and I did, and I’m really sorry, but I’m confident I won’t do it again.

“I mucked up but you will not get me back on this show on any kind of drug form again. That’s a promise.”