Jade: I wanted to die after Big Brother

Jade Goody has admitted that she felt so depressed after her disastrous involvement in the Big Brother race row that she contemplated suicide.

The controversial reality star said the only thing holding her back was thinking about her two young sons, Freddy, two, and Bobby Jack, four.

Jade, 26, revealed the full extent of her troubles to Piers Morgan in BBC1’s You Can’t Fire Me I’m Famous.

In her first TV interview since the spat with Shilpa Shetty in the house, Jade said: “I had bad depression. I was on sleeping pills and on suicide watch.

“It’s the worst thing a mother can say: ‘There’s no hope’. But I snapped out of that quickly because I’ve got kids and they are my life.”

Jade admitted that she has struggled to find work since the show aired in January, and that she worries about paying the bills.

She added: “I’m not doing this to be back in magazines or TV. But I’ve got a mortgage and bills to be paid.”

Jade said that she might have got her temper from her mum, saying: “You learn from your parents. Mine weren’t the best.”

The show is on BBC1 at 10.35pm, Tuesday July 31.

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