Jade: ‘I’m hanging on to life by my fingernails’

Jade Goody has spoken about her battle with cancer and reveals that doctors have given her only a 40 per cent chance of survival.

Jade told the Daily Mirror: “I’m realistic. I know I might not have that long left. I’ve been hanging on to life with my fingernails, but I will not let go.

“Throughout my life I have had to cope with some really bad stuff, but I have always turned out stronger than the thing trying to beat me. And with cancer it will be the same. I will not let it beat me.”

Jade was appearing on India’s Big Brother last summer when she was called to the diary room and told she had cervical cancer.

She was warned that if she did not return home for an emergency hysterectomy immediately she would die within three months.

After surgery, doctors gave Jade the shock news she only had a 40 per cent chance of survival, not the 50 per cent previously reported.

She said: “Sometimes I think, ‘I wonder how much time I’ve really got?’ But right now there is no answer to that.”

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